Hi I'm glad to meet you

I'm a Copenhagen-based creative kid trapped in a 6×5+4.5-year-old Art Director's body! My zodiac sign is Taurus unless you are into the Chinese cycle of animals, in which case I'm a fire rabbit…maybe that's why I go down rabbit holes…
My working mantra is: It's meant to be fun. Not necessarily the idea, but I'm always trying to let it be the process.

Currently, I'm having a great time working as a midrange Art Director at Mindshare Copenhagen.

In my advertising journey, I've gotten my hands dirty with brands like Kim's Chips, Arbejders Landsbank, 4 Finance, McDonald’s, Cocio, Flügger, Kræftens Bekæmpelse, BAT, Danish Defense, Shell, Alternativet, Karma Sushi, Aleris Hamlet, Landal Ferie center, Ford and more. 

When I'm not working I'll probably be deep diving different rabbit holes like; calligraphy, knitting, growing and taking care of plants, Muay Thai, winter swimming, and learning new skills like how to rollerblade, shoot a gun, and lately the biggest adventure of being a dad. 

I only drink espresso-based coffee, prefer cocktails to beers, and dogs to cats (but I dream of having a pet dwarf roster).

Now that's enough of me talking about myself… what do you think of me?


Experience :

Mindshare Copenhagen – Creative 3 years and counting 
Oglivy Copenhagen- Creative 1 yeearh
Alternativet (danish political party)- Freelance
DDB Copenhagen – Creative 2 years
DDB Copenhagen - intern
&co - Intern


BA in Creative Communications 2012-15
AP in Multimedia Design 2009-11