Hi I'm glad to meet you

I'm a Copenhagen-based Art Director with more than 8 years of agency experience.
My zodiac sign is Taurus unless you are into the Chinese cycle of animals, in which case I'm a fire rabbit…maybe that's why I go down rabbit holes…
My working mantra is: It's meant to be fun. Not necessarily the idea, but I'm always trying to let it be the process.

Currently, I'm having a great time working as a midrange Art Director at Mindshare Copenhagen.

In my advertising journey, I've gotten my hands dirty with brands like Kim's Chips, Arbejders Landsbank, 4 Finance, McDonald’s, Cocio, Flügger, Kræftens Bekæmpelse, BAT, Danish Defense, Shell, Alternativet, Karma Sushi, Aleris Hamlet, Landal Ferie center, Ford, Mr Green and more. 

When I'm not working I'll probably be deep diving different rabbit holes like; calligraphy, knitting, growing and taking care of plants, Muay Thai, winter swimming, and learning new skills like how to rollerblade, shoot a gun, and lately the biggest adventure of being a dad. 

I only drink espresso-based coffee, prefer cocktails to beers, and dogs to cats (but I dream of having a pet dwarf roster).

Now that's enough of me talking about myself… what do you think of me?


Experience :

Mindshare Copenhagen – Creative 5 years and counting
Oglivy Copenhagen – Creative 1-year
Alternativet (danish political party)- Freelance
DDB Copenhagen – Creative 2 years
DDB Copenhagen – intern
&co – Intern


BA in Creative Communications 2012-15
AP in Multimedia Design 2009-11