Copenhagen's Senior Art Director, Tau Lee, Announces Availability for New Projects

Copenhagen, Denmark – Tau Lee, a seasoned senior art director with nearly a decade of experience, has announced that he is open to new opportunities. Known for his hands-on approach, Lee has focused on crafting meaningful work that resonates with audiences.

"Creating work that connects deeply with people, beyond just the surface level of typical marketing noise and promotional splash, is my mission," says Lee.

With a rich portfolio showcasing various projects, Lee's body of work reflects his passion for design and dedication to storytelling for the target audience.


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For those in need of creative assistance, Tau offers expertise in advertising concepts, graphic design, layout, branding, animation, and video editing. Interested parties can request his CV for further details.
This creative professional is available for Full-Time or Freelance Positions.


Tau Lee Bjørn Rosenberg
Phone: +45 24649299
LinkedIn: /tautoday